Graphene Battery in Smartphones by 2021 tells Samsung

Samsung has been among the top companies in the smartphone industry. It has a large percentage of market share all over the world. In smartphones, we have been using Lithium-ion batteries for a long time now and with the development in the graphene technology, we could switch to Graphene Batteries soon. Graphene batteries show a lot of potentials as they can be charged fully in less than an hour, to be more precise half an hour. Samsung a leading manufacturer of smartphones plans to implement these Graphene-based batteries in smartphones by 2021 as said by trustable leaker Evan Blass.

In a tweet, Evan Blass mentioned that Samsung is planning to use Graphene Batteries in their smartphones by 2021. We may see these smartphones in mid-2020 or by early 2021. He also mentioned the charging speeds to be lightning-fast i.e. Full Charge in Half an hour. Samsung is improving the battery capacity and its size and will surely come out with some amazing charging speeds soon.

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