Oneplus 7T Pro Mclaren Edition

Hey guys the oneplus 7T pro and the oneplus 7T pro McLaren edition have arrived so the big question is what is new well we'll let's talk about what the new 7T Rhodes, Okay so this is the new oneplus 7T Pro which I doesn't look the same as the Wonder 7 pro and this is the fancy new oneplus 7T Pro McLaren Edition.

Now I will talk about the McLaren Edition later on first let's talk about what's new in the oneplus 7T Pro which I will be honest with you, not a lot has changed in the oneplus 7T Pro from the oneplus 7 pro but yeah there are some changes for changes to be more specific first up the oneplus 7T Pro brings the Snapdragon 855 plus processor with a 12GB RAM and 256 GB of storage, yeah these are flagship top-of-the-line specs but these
are the same specs that you get with the oneplus 7T so you get the same benchmark scores just take a look now.

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Oneplus 7T Pro Mclaren Edition Camera

Not just benchmarks the performance on the oneplus 7T pro is great but it's what you get with the 7T as well so yes not really a lot of new anyway the next big change on the oneplus 7T Pro is on the camera front now don't get your hopes up it is the same triple camera setup as the 7 Pro and something that even the oneplus 7T brings we're talking about the same 48 megapixels with primary camera and the same 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and the same 8-megapixel telephoto lens. I'm sure you're wondering what's the change here but the change here is this this new laser autofocus sensor which should result in faster and more smoother focusing I did a quick autofocus test to the oneplus 7T and the oneplus 7T Pro and when the 7T Pro is marginally faster to focus but it's a very small difference and honestly not big of a deal apart from that again it's the same cameras as the 7 pro and the 7T.

In fact I even took a few comparison shots and went take a look as you see the photos from all of these foods look very similar between those details colors or dynamic range yeah some photos have a bit of a difference but are they hugely different no not really anyway

Oneplus 7T Pro Mclaren Edition Battery

The rest of the new in the oneplus 7T Pro is on the battery and charging front the oneplus 7T Pro comes with a 4085 mAh battery which is slightly bigger than the 4000 mAh battery on the 7th row and there's the new warp charge 30T technology which we saw with the Oneplus 7 T and we are done with the changes yes everything else in the oneplus 7T promet is the same as the oneplus 7 Pro which means it is very similar to the recently launched oneplus 7T 

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Oneplus 7T Pro Mclaren Edition Display

First of all the design is same as the oneplus 7 pro honestly I was hoping for a more smaller more compact phone but well the 7T pro is still a big big phone it's almost identical to the 7th row the display remains the same - you get the same 6.7 inches 90 Hertz qhd+ fluid AMOLED display and making a mistake it still looks stunning with its present less curved design but yeah it's the same 90 Hertz more display which even though 7T brings no surprises here the pop-up camera remains the same - it's still fast and it's still the same 16 megapixel camera apart from the ad the fingerprint scanner this feels slightly faster but again not a big deal the oxygen OS 10 experience the features like super fast face and lock all remain the same and it's something you get with one plus 7T as well so it's clear that the oneplus 7T pro isn't really a major upgrade after all I mean there aren't any big changes and I think one plus knows that and that's the reason this exists the oneplus 7T premiere, in addition, the McLaren Edition 7T pro obviously looks more flashy and new it comes in this really cool orange and black box similar to what he got with the oneplus 6T McLaren Edition and similar rad you also get this really cool looking black charging adapter and this really cool looking orange cable there's also this new case which some of you might like and the phone brings the same design elements as the 6T McLaren Edition the back has the same papaya orange shade on the bottom edges but now there's a new fancy more prominent pattern on the back this pattern I say this pattern because nobody in our office knows what this is it's obviously something to do with McLaren.

Oneplus 7T Pro Mclaren Edition Design

But none of us really like this new pattern anyway apart from the back finish the oneplus 7T pro McLaren Edition brings 12 GB of RAM and it has the McLaren themed wallpaper and the McLaren UI theme which is black and orange all round with the carbon fiber pattern in some places and yeah I'll tell you this it looks cool all that is great but the fancy new McLaren Edition just cannot hide the fact that the oneplus 7T pro is a weak weak upgrade see the 1% pro got a lot of hype earlier this year to do the 90 hertz display the new triple cameras and the faster charger but then the oneplus 7T arrived and it brought a 90 hers display the triple cameras and the same fast charger so honestly, I was thinking maybe oneplus is killing of the 7 Pro by bringing all fits great features in the oneplus 7T well I was wrong the oneplus 7T Pro is here and honestly, it seems like it's essentially the oneplus 7T with a curved qHD display and I'm not sure who'll pay more than 10000 rupees just for that display I mean what's even the point of the oneplus 7T Pro well let me just say this I'm just disappointed with the oneplus 7t Pro that was your first look at the brand new one plus 7T Pro and the oneplus 7T Pro McLarenn Edition so what do you think did you find the phone as exciting as our intro tell us in the comment section below also, give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and make sure to share with your friends were waiting for the one plus 7T Pro.

Last Words on Oneplus 7T Pro Mclaren Edition

It is not a huge upgrade over the oneplus 7T. It has only a few tweaks which are not even noticeable to a normal user so choice is yours.

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