Android Apps: 3 Best Music Player Apps [2020]

Hey Guys, I’m back with a new article on 3 Best Music Player Apps in 2020. A standard music player is supported for audio playback on Android smartphones. So why are you going to look for a music player alternating? Since the default Android player is not rich in features, a suitable equalizer may not be available to you or its UI may not be convenient. For example, most devices are now the default music player for Google Play Music. It is quick, but it doesn’t have the ability to change tags for files, as well as various other necessary resources including a folder view in the library.

Android Apps: 3 Best Music Player Apps [2020]

If you’re a music lover, this list of the best players in Android will certainly improve your listening experience. These apps come with special functionality that enhances the user experience.

    3 Best Music Player Apps in 2020

    Android Apps: 3 Best Music Player Apps [2020]
    Phonograph is an app with a great user interface with a material design that is visually enticing. The user interface adjusts dynamically to the color of the screen text. Its theme engine lets you tailor the player to your preferences. It’s not only good looking but also feature rich in Android’s music player app.
    Android Apps: 3 Best Music Player Apps [2020]
    Phonograph downloads missing information on your media automatically. The tag editor in this player allows you to easily edit tags like cover, individual songs artist or entire albums.

    Phonograph also contains additional features such as lock screen, gapless replay, and a timer for jacket. The premium version of the app can be purchased through in-app purchases.

    Android Apps: 3 Best Music Player Apps [2020]
    Musicolet is a lightweight, ad-free music player with several features. You can use a single click to pause/play, double click to play the current piece, and three clicks to the previous piece. It is the right one to control your player by using your earphone-button. 
    Android Apps: 3 Best Music Player Apps [2020]
    Also, with 4 or more repeated clicks you can speed up the album. It appears to be the only Android music player device to support multiple queues. Musicolet has a very intuitive GUI for directories, records, artists, and playlists that can quickly be accessed.

    3. Black Player

    Android Apps: 3 Best Music Player Apps [2020]

    BlackPlayer is definitely one of Android’s best music players among several apps. It is designed to be fully controlled by swipes and gestures with a customizable user interface. With customizable values, you can change the font and the UI color.
    Android Apps: 3 Best Music Player Apps [2020]
    Black player is also filled with widgets, gapless playback, tag editor ID3, sleep timer, changing themes, etc. The standard local music file format, including MP3, WAV, or OGG, are supported.

    The Black Player app available on Google Play is free, its premium version can be purchased to get enhanced features.

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