Android Apps: 5 Unique Android Apps That You Must Try!

Hey Guys, I’m back with an amazing article where we will check out the 9 Best Android Apps That You Must Try! The Google Playstore is filled with millions of apps that vary as per their usage. Today we will see some of the good apps which stand out and can be helpful to you. These apps range from weather to task managers. So you must surely check out these amazing apps.

Android the name itself makes it easy to understand as many of us use Android smartphones. To enhance your user experience you can use these apps to manage a different task or save important information on the go.

5 Best Android Apps That You Must Try!

1) Podcast Addict – Best Podcast App

Podcast Addict is a really nice podcast program for fans of the podcast. Almost every podcast you can think of is included. It also has a simple, powerful user interface, plenty of functions for organizing, a lot of playing and downloads, and a premium edition with only one cost. You can scan for or browse podcasts by category. You can also set download rules, quickly build playlists, and support Chromecast and SONOS along with Android Auto and Wear OS. The app makes it, however, by literally reaching each other’s shell. Pocket Cast, CastBox, and Doggcatcher are other popular ways to do this.
But Xavier Guillemane’s Podcast Addict is a perfect alternative when it comes to great free choices. Android doesn’t hurt for good managers. The basics include automatic episode updates and downloads, and automatically delete functionality for space-saving, variable speed replay, silence skip, volume boost, a sleep timer, and other nice features. A podcast search tool allows you to easily find individual episodes or look for new podcasts and theme displays across a wide variety of repositories. The software also supports video podcasts, youtube channels, audiobooks, online radio, etc.

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Download Podcast Addict

2) Tasker – Best Task App

 Whether you have the ability to learn how to use the program, it is a wonderful program. Users can create custom commands and then use them in various ways. Most applications have Tasker support and you can even use Tasker to create highly complex NFC tag commands. It’s very hard to say because you can do so many things, what this app can do. There aren’t so many apps that are so useful between the apps enabled by the plugins you add and the amount of stuff you can do.

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3) Glitch Lab – Best Photo Editor for Glitch Effect

Google Play promises to add growing applications to your images with digital glitch effects. However, few do but so extensively and only as Glitch Laboratories. More than 100 effects can be found in the app grouped into colour, streak and retro groups. You can also save photos for reuse as masks, and the software supports endless undoing and redos. Unlock the pro-version with a $6.49 download and you’ll have even more impact, including higher resolutions and lossless file storage. You’ll get more value.

Download Glitch Lab


4) 1Weather – Best Weather App

1Weather best weather app out there is doubtless. The design is plain, paddled, and shows the current weather, up to 12 weeks forecasting, radar, and other humorous statistics. Along with this, you will receive a relatively decent assortment of slightly adaptable widgets and regular products, such as extreme weather updates and a radar to enable you to see storms coming. Maybe its best attribute is its lightweight nature that just displays the weather for you. All the features of the free edition are advertised. The fee of $1.99 reduces advertising. The two models would work the same way otherwise. Most definitely, when you open the app, you will also enjoy the weather fun details.

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5) Solid Explorer File Manager – Best File Manager App

Android has an array of free file explorer applications that allow you to access external storage on your computer, from great tools to free bloatware. When you’re ready to spend a little time to get a decent ad-free and secure download, check out Solid Explorer, a top quality file manager with a simple, hassle-free port and features. Power users have the drag-and-drop controls, the multi-tab / multi-pane interface, and network/cloud storage, and compressed files support while advanced features such as root explorer, plug-in support, and lot operations are available.

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So these are some apps you must try and tell me in the comments what are your thoughts about the 5 apps. These were 5 Unique Android Apps That You Must Try!

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