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Why is Blogger best for beginners ?? | Complete Guide

Blogging may seem an easy way to start your career online. There are a lot of ways in which you can enter the well known online market of  “money making”. Blogging is one of the best ways in which you can engage with your audience through the medium of words. Today blogging is a full time job where you can write articles related to anything. It may be Personal Hobbies, Travel, Informative articles, Gadget Reviews, etc.

Why blogging?

Blogging has seen a huge boom since 2018 and is growing exponentially. There are a number of bloggers who have left their full time jobs and focus on blogging. Blogging was not as famous as it is today because Life without the Internet is not possible. Google is growing with tons of searches every day. This is what many people saw potential in and started working on creating unique articles. 

Many bloggers have crossed the 6 figure mark in revenue.

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Why beginners should go with Blogger?

Blogger is a free service provided by Google. It is a free platform where you can start a blog free of cost without any hidden charges. As a beginner, you need to learn some key points:

  1. Content Writing is Easier
  2. Easy SEO and Ranking
  3. Free Domain
  4. Free Hosting

1) Content Writing is Easier:

Blogger is an easy platform provided by Google to post content related to anything of any kind. You are not limited to small or big niches but you have a reach to all the niches because of blogger’s easy to understand user-friendly user interface. You can just click on the post button and start creating unique content

Basically, the formatting of the article is easy for beginners. This is the best platform where you can give it an easy shot and experience if blogging is for you or not. Content writing on its own is a new field emerging in this industry because all businesses are trying to go online so this plays an important role.

2) Easy SEO and Ranking

The most important thing about blogging is that people read what you write. People can read your content on if you are visible on the internet and the best to be found on the internet is through any search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. This visibility of your content to people and drive traffic to your blog or website is through “SEO” Search Engine Optimization. Seo is basically optimizing your content for search engines to index it and show it to people who search for the keywords related to your article. 
Blogger automatically optimizes your content and passes on to search engines for indexing

3) Free Domain and Free Hosting

When you start on blogger you get a free domain named “yourdomainname.blogspot.com” in which you can start a website of the desired name with a ” .blogspot.com” extension. You can experiment with different topics in the initial days. When you are comfortable with blogging you can choose a topic or niche and work on niche specific domain.
You need to pay anywhere around 10$ to 15$ for a domain name. Blogger’s free domain name helps to start a blog website free of cost
Free hosting is the key feature because hosting is a service which hosts your website on the internet meaning provides all the sources related to the website’s articles, file, etc. visible on the internet. Normal hosting costs anywhere around 10 to 15$ a month based on your selected plan. Google website hosting service is one of the best hosting services available out there and we get this hosting for free.

   Last few words:

So the conclusion is that people who are new to blogging and want to experience what it is, they can understand blogging using Blogger’s free service and them move forward to other advanced blogging techniques and services.
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