How Do I Get Free UC in Pubg Mobile? 100% Working

How Do I Get Free UC in Pubg Mobile? 

Hi Guys, I’m back with Awesome Pubg Mobile Tricks for you to get free UC. Everyone cannot buy UC in Pubg so to get free UC you can use these simple tricks. Talking about free UC is very difficult to get but there are two ways through which you can get free UC in Pubg Mobile

I personally have tried both methods, so I will tell you which worked best for me.

1) Pubg Mobile Redeem Codes

These are related to the redemption center of Pubg Mobile. I will explain it to you in detail. 

What are Pubg Mobile Redeem Codes?

These are redemption codes released by Pubg mobile for promotional purposes on various websites. These codes have limited skins available which you can redeem through the redemption center.

1.) On a regular basis, Official Pubg Mobile gives out some redeem codes which you can redeem on in redeem section

How Do I Get Free UC in Pubg Mobile? 100% Working

To get redeem codes you can visit this article:

Pubg Mobile New Redeem Codes | Free Pubg Gun Skins

Note: You need to be first to redeem new codes to get skins as they have limited redemptions. 

2.) Play Bonus Challenge to Get Free UC 

If you have properly noticed the game you may be familiar with the top section where you can see various sections. There is a bonus challenge section. Now by playing the bonus challenge you get battle coins. With these battle coins, you can buy 100 UC or 300 UC pack for free

Now I will explain this in detail.

How to get free UC?

1) Click here 👇🏻 (This section is available next to the start button.)

Bonus Challenge Section

2) Then you can click on Bonus Challenge 

Get UC by Playing Bonus Challenge

3) Now you can see this Bonus Challenge Page. Here you can participate in various tournaments for battle coins.

Bonus Challenge Page

4) Then click on redeem reward. Here you can see the rewards which you can redeem with the battle coins.

Redeem Page on Battle Coins [Bonus Challenge]

Now with battle coins, you can buy UC free of cost. Though the redemptions are limited you get free UC. 

Final Words:

If you are good at Pubg you can easily earn battle coins. I know this is not completely free but you have to work a little bit for it. If I find any new trick I will share it over here, so subscribe to our newsletter or turn post notifications on.


The second method works fine as there is no luck factor in this. The redeem code method failed a lot of times as many people redeem the code. But the Bonus challenge method works fine to get Free UC in Pubg Mobile.


If you have any doubt feel free to comment.


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