How To Enable Google Adsense on Blogger & Earn Money?

Adsense: How To Enable Adsense on Blogger?

Hey Guys, In this article I will show you how you can enable adsense in you blog hosted on blogger. Google Adsense can help monetize your website traffic and earn money. In this way you can earn good amount of money from you blog/website. 

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertising network by Google. Publishers/website owners can apply for Google Adsense and monetize their website traffic. Adsense shows ads on your website to the users who visit your website. Adsense was started in 2003 and since then it has been a great platform for website owners to earn money from their website. Ads shown on the website are by Advertisers who bid for keywords in Google Ads. It is one the biggest platforms available for monetization. It made $134.81 Billion in revenue in the year 2019. 

How to start earning with Adsense?

To earn money with Google Adsense first you need to get approval for your website on Adsense. Once your website is approved you are ready to show ads on your website.

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How to Get Google Adsense Approval?

If you are starting with a website on blogger or any other platform to start earning from it you need to have quality content to serve ads. Adsense shows ads related to the content that you publish on your website. 

To get Google Adsense Approval Follow These Steps:

  1. Setup a complete website which is accessible and contains three main pages related to your website like About Us, Contact Us & Privacy Policy.
  2. Publish around 30 high quality articles(Plagarism free) which is a good amount for Google Adsense approval.
  3. Now that you have completed all basics you can now Apply for Google Adsense.
  • When you are eligible for adsense blogger indicates it in the earnings tab on the blogger dashboard.
You will get adsense approval immediately in 2-3 days if you have fulfilled the adsense criteria for blogger.  

How to Verify Adsense on Website?

The verification process is very simple and is done along with your websites approval. When you fill details of your website for Adsense Approval it asks you to paste some code on your website under the <head> tag.  This is the verifaction code for google adsense. So this was the process of verification of google adsense. 

Now you can setup the adsense account on your blogger dashboard in the earnings tab.

How to Setup Ads on your Website?

There are two ways through which you can setup ads on your website.

1) Auto Ads:

Auto Ads are basically adsense optimized ads which are automatically placed on your website when you paste the Auto Ads Code on your website. You can find this code in your adsense dashboard. 

2)Manual Ads:

For ads to appear in specific  section of your website you need to add manual ads script to your blogger layout

You can add manual ads by following these steps:

1)Open Layout Tab in Blogger & choose the section to add manual ads of custom size.

2)Now click on Add Gadget to add a manual ad.
3) Select  Google Adsense in the menu and add suitable ad format which suits  your website.

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Final Words: 

This was a small article on How To Enable Google Adsense on Blogger & Earn Money? You can earn good amount of money from your website depending the quantity and quality of traffic you get on your website. Feel free to comment or mail me for any queries related to Google Adsense.

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