Track Footsteps Without a Smart Band | Track Footsteps on Android or IOS device

You may have seen smart bands track your activity and count footsteps, but what if  I say that you can do the same with your smartphone by installing these apps. You carry your smartphone everywhere so you can accurately track the number of footsteps you complete throughout the day and keep a track of your physical activity.

Fitness band or Smartwatches basically track your movement with the help of a pedometer (a device used to track footsteps). A pedometer is present in every smartphone these days so you can track your footsteps easily.

List of Apps that you can use:

1) Google Fit: Android | IOS

How much or what kind of activity you need to remain healthy is difficult to understand. Google Fit has worked with the WHO and the American Heart Association (AHA) to give you two new objectives that can assist enhance your health: Move Minutes and Heart Points.

• Move Minutes
It’s essential to move more and sit less when it comes to your health. Get encouraged to do tiny, healthier adjustments throughout the day, like taking the stairs rather than the elevator or meeting a friend on a walk instead of a coffee.

• Heart Points
Events that pump your heart harder will have tremendous heart and mind health advantages. Every minute of mild activity, like walking your dog, you’ll gain a heart point and two points for more intense activities like running. The suggested amount of physical activity of AHA and the WHO requires just 30 minutes of a quick walk of five days a week. This is demonstrated to decrease the danger of cardiovascular diseases, boost sleep, and general mental wellbeing.

Google Fit will also help you:

Get instant insights when you exercise and see real-time stats for your runs, walks, and bike rides. Fit will use your Android phone’s sensors or Wear OS by Google smartwatch’s heart rate sensors to record your speed, pace, route, and more.

See your daily progress for Heart Points and Move Minutes. Meeting your goals each day? Based on your activity and goal progress, Google Fit will help you adjust them so you can keep challenging yourself to achieve a healthy heart and mind.

If you walk, run, or bike during the day, your Android phone or Wear OS by Google smartwatch will automatically detect and add your activities to your Google Fit journal to ensure you get credit for every move. Enjoy a different type of workout? Select it from a list of activities like pilates, rowing, or spinning, and Google Fit will track all the Heart Points and Move Minutes you earn.

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2) Samsung Health: Android | IOS

Samsung Health offers key characteristics that maintain your body healthy and fit. It will record and evaluate your day-to-day activities and practices in order to ensure good diets and good living. 
You can add and follow the different physical exercises and activities in just one step, whether you are walking or cycling, doing indoor or outdoor sports with the various integrated trackers.
Samsung Health contributes by recording various data, such as food, caffeine and water supplies, to build a healthy lifestyle pattern. 

Manage environmental and health records including the use of built-in sensors, and third-party devices such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and stress.
Set your objective and take it to your activity, food or sleep! Take a look at your daily events! The Samsung Health home screen allows you to readily add objects you would like to measure and view documents.

Check your ranking with your friends. After your Samsung account is registered, you can compete with your friends. Check your preferred health news with personalized news feeds daily. Keep your body healthy and strong, with healthcare providers ‘ tips. (Available in some countries only)

3) Apple Health (only for IOS users): IOS

At home, iOS and iPadOS apps allow patients to remain linked between office visits with their care teams. Healthcare organizations may use off-the-shelf applications or use CareKit to build apps that allow patients to control their own health. Phones and medical apps supported by ios, Apple Watch, the Health app, and HealthKit make it easier for patients to monitor their health data and share it with their care teams.

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